We have experience in solar technology, including net metering with utilities. We have installed both vertical and horizontal geothermal HVAC systems in residential applications. One of the most affordable and energy efficient products that we are using more and more are SIPS (structural insulation panels) All three of these “green” methods actually produce a high performance house.

Flint Hill, VA

A high performance house is a much more accurate, measurable, and definable term than “Green Building”. A high performance house is a house that uses its heating and cooling systems to their upmost efficiency. The definition of a high performance house is: keeping the warm air in during Winter and cool air in during Summer while at the same time ensuring adequate fresh air ventilation. We strive to produce a very high performance house on every project.

Kennesaw, GA

Site and Project management is a large portion of “green building” we try to produce as little waste and scrap as possible, we recycle and reuse as much material as we can. We take all of our trash to a facility that recycles 100% of its contents and we return all unused materials to our suppliers.

Lynchburg, VA

Outer Banks, NC

Edinburg, VA

Amissville, VA

Our last completed project scored a whopping 294 points, well exceeding the level of Earth Craft Platinum Home.

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